Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Unique Treasures From Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs !!!!!!!!

Here  are some pictures of a clock I painted a castle on it . It is painted on a mache' box lid ! I used the bottom of the box for a cake I made . I made the clock to look old  and cracked & I liked the way it turned out. I love making something out of nothing.
     Next group of pics are my hand painted in acrylics by me Rhonda Motteberg 2011 ,rose pictures.The colors are the softest! I just had to throw in some rose clips I made. Oh the paper roses my favorite! I just have to say, " Thank You God for letting them bloom in my hands !" What fun they are to make ! Even more fun to look at. Someday  I'll take you on a tour of everywhere I clip these!
        Next is my BIG FAKE WEDDING CAKE ! Wouldn't it be a fun  to have as a wedding cake for  a couple who renewed their vowes after say 25 or 30 years together! To me  this cake resembles a life of ups & downs ,good times & bad . The slips & slides but still holding together ,sometimes barely ! A long marraige is like that .Hopefully it still looks good on the outside . Hopefully sweet  & fresh on the inside. I can see the bride dressed like a dream in cream. I think her daughters should be her brides mates. Yes, I can see this , Beautiful ! I'll have to post pics of the little church a block from my house that the couple would marry in.  Oh that Vince Gil song , " Look at Us " , that should be their song ! Ok ..... I ramble.  Any way use your imagination ! 
        I had fun creating these unique treasures I hope you have fun to look at them.  Most will  listed on Ebay or my website http://www.rhondasrosecottagedesigns.com/ soon !

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm dreaming of a sweet summer !

Hello Friends ! Here we go again . I have lots of green & lovely pics of summers'  past  to share with you.I need lots of them to dream upon.This post is to get me through .We are still in winter here in Minnesota. Now we were starting to see a little of the green grass and a whole lot of mud and  puppy prints too . Tonight that will all change for we are to get a whole lot of SNOW again !The snowy pics are of last year I threw those in for reality! The green and flower filled pics are for dreaming upon ! 
     Happy Spring Time Everyone!!!!! 
           Smiles, Rhonda