Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look what I've been making!

Hello Dear Friends,I just thought I'd post a few pics tonight to show you what I've been making! I've been making lots and lots of heart shaped cakes! All of them are decorated with my own handmade clay roses.I sculpt them all by hand and use no tools just my fingers. If you look closely you can see my fingerprints. I've been sculpting roses for over 2 decades! I love making them! Love is in the air! I have a great wedding cake here and so many new pretty things! I love the wonderful hat,I used my handmade paper roses for it.I handmake my roses ,I dye all my papers and cut and form and curl the edges,just like real roses. They are so realistic & they are some of my favorite things to make! They bloom in my hands!s So should I add veil to the hat ? I bought some.Let me know! I'd love to hear what you think! Do you like the old pitchers I painted the one reminds me of roses falling from the sky,roses from heaven! I just loved the softness of the white and blue back ground.I love the flour ( Flower) sifter. Ahh ,Domestic Bliss at it's finest! I love old pieces redone they're the best! It has the most wonderful vibrant colors! How about my sweet sugar bowl pin cushions!  I love them! We listed one on eBay tonight too in a jadite colored sugar bowl  All these items will be for sale soon on my website Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs  or on eBay my eBay store  also  named Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hameau de la Reine (The Queen's Hamlet).

Last night I picked up a copy of Cottages and Bungalows magazine.There is a feature in the magazine ,Cottage Living,a la' Marie Antoinette.I purchased the magazine for the articles and; pictures in this feature +  on page 2 it has Story Book Cottage Plans and I love them!I think I know when I first fell in love with the cottage style. As a child I remember how I felt seeing the  Dwarf's  charming cottage nestled in the woods with a chattering brook winding its merry way past the humble cottage.I've always loved the thick cottage walls,diamond crossed windows with wood shutters and flower boxes . I love a cottage garden with a well worn  path lined with flowers that leads the way to porch  posts wearing  moon flowers welcoming me to an old wooden arched door with castle hinges and a strong iron handle. Such a door would surely creak upon opening as to speak come on in ,stay a bit.Each amazing detail would lead to the next and surely the inside would be as lovely as the outside. Thus is the case in fairy tale cottages.Well  as I made my way through fresh fallen snow  toteing atleast a dozen shopping bags and my new magazine  I entered to several cases of opened soda pop boxes , a family of 7 pairs of various boots and shoes  most mates scattered  feet from each other no human feet but mine to be found,  abondoned grocery bags of  items in need of a cupbord to call home.Two water jugs,a pair of coveralls limply colapsed on the floor after hard days work splitting wood with Master Dave.My plastic tote filled with melted snow for my plants and  all those handmade treasures on the table getting ready to go on eBay and the website ,good intentions that did not quite make it YET. Plus a few more empty boxes to use in shipping all those treasures I made to sell.Thank You husband for bringing them home!Smiles!He was good to think of me !.It all just looks like a heap of big mess ! Who if this were a fairy tale might live here ? Perchance the 7 little pigs?No, Oh no ,  just a family ,a regular family.In fairy tales even messes can be pretty. I think of Snow White with all her animal friends lending her a helping paw.In fairy tales the grass is always mowed, the brook never floods  and  they always live happily ever after! That is so sweet! In real life it's messy , unorganized. The quest for order is constant and always,always the conditions are deteriorating. Life is messy sometimes, a blog such as this one may show the fairy tale  but always remember this is the escape but we all have  to deal with the mess.So the Queen of her hamlet must  don her peasant clothes and play house for real ,clean  and; put away  and if she does not get it done she can visit her blog and escape it all  through the nice picture she posted when her home was clean ,inviting and  ever so charming! DOMESTIC BLISS AWAITS ME DEAR FRIENDS .Smiles,Rhonda