Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look what I've been making!

Hello Dear Friends,I just thought I'd post a few pics tonight to show you what I've been making! I've been making lots and lots of heart shaped cakes! All of them are decorated with my own handmade clay roses.I sculpt them all by hand and use no tools just my fingers. If you look closely you can see my fingerprints. I've been sculpting roses for over 2 decades! I love making them! Love is in the air! I have a great wedding cake here and so many new pretty things! I love the wonderful hat,I used my handmade paper roses for it.I handmake my roses ,I dye all my papers and cut and form and curl the edges,just like real roses. They are so realistic & they are some of my favorite things to make! They bloom in my hands!s So should I add veil to the hat ? I bought some.Let me know! I'd love to hear what you think! Do you like the old pitchers I painted the one reminds me of roses falling from the sky,roses from heaven! I just loved the softness of the white and blue back ground.I love the flour ( Flower) sifter. Ahh ,Domestic Bliss at it's finest! I love old pieces redone they're the best! It has the most wonderful vibrant colors! How about my sweet sugar bowl pin cushions!  I love them! We listed one on eBay tonight too in a jadite colored sugar bowl  All these items will be for sale soon on my website Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs  or on eBay my eBay store  also  named Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs.


  1. Hi, Rhonda,
    Oh, my goodness, I love all of your wonderful creations!! They are making me smile all over. I would like to buy the hat you created if it is for sale. You can go to my blog and look on my profile page to find my e-mail and let me know if it is for sell. I am loving my sweet sign you made. I have it hanging in my sunroom. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Vicki

  2. Rhonda--the pics are amazing! Hey go into your dashboard and add a gadget for "followers" then we can all bookmark your blog and come back for eye candy!

  3. Hi Rhonda! I'm the one that asked you a question on your website...come visit my blog and click on the white button that say's follow, then you will become a follower to my page. I added myself to your blog already even though you don't have your follow icon up. If you want to come visit, just click on my blog name at the top of this comment. Have a great day, the pictures are beautiful!!!Jennifer

  4. I came over from Jennifer's blog, sugar!!! It's beautiful... Where do I find your roses for purchase? Email me from my blog.

  5. SIGH......How dreamy are all your faux cakes and sweets.
    I to hence my blog name make faux cupcakes.
    Yours are to die for:)
    Beautiful and girly

  6. You have a delicious blog! I love your cakes.