Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello Friends !

      I had to post a few pics of the new things I have been painting .  I love to paint but have a hard time to find the time I need to paint .I have been up early & to bed late for these.
      My plan is to set up at the flea market this year ! My Dave bought me a 10 by 20 easy up tent ! It takes 6 people to set it up in only minutes ! Good thing we have a large family !
     Do you like my painted paint brushes  ????  I'm going to hang them from my new tent along with painted paint cans . COOL HUH !?!  Well I'm excited about it ! I need to paint about 25 more brushes ! I'm not sure when I'll get to the cans . Smiles ! The cans were always a big hit out at the flea market.I'd tell everyone I paint myself out of one job & into the next ! :o )  I'm looking forward to the gabbing out there at the flea market !  I'm looking forward to selling even more!
      Say a prayer for me ! My biz and myself needs STRENGTH ! I love what I do but I do it for the money, honey! I'm so in hopes that there is a crowd of floral lovin' buyers out there  who just gotta have my creations. .
       You'll find  these soon on my site   soon & come spring I'll be peddling  them out at Shady Hollow Flea Market . It is 5 miles South on Hwy. 59 going out of Detroit Lakes Minnesota. It is a great place to buy or sell ! Open Sundays Memorial weekend through Labor Day .
         Hope to see you there ! Sincerely, The Rose Lady, Rhonda Motteberg