Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello Friends!I have been meaning to post for a long time now I  have just been so busy.I'm happy to say things are selling on my web site  and on ebay.I am happy some people are finding my blog.Thank you for your comments! I must confess I am the cave girl of blogging and online selling,thePC in general is just not my comfort zone but meeting kindred friends from around the world,WOW,cool! I work so hard to email my blogging friends back to little boxes popping up to say I can't. I just want to say Thank You to all who posted,I love your comments!       A while back in December I took a space at SuLaine's Antique Mall in Detroit Lakes ,Minnesota. Well  business was down for me on line and well what was I thinking???? I just thought well I'll try this! I had enough stuff to sell and I worked hard to make some new things and well many of those things I toted back home because my good intentions were to list them on my site. Well ,I'm still trying. I can't seem to get it done .I kinda wish I would have snapped some pics back in December but I did not. But these pics show my spot at the mall. I worked a whole day on the Marie  Antoinette and the castles behind the cake table. I need to get alot more things like signs painted  and I have lots of ideas  even though the sales have not come to me yet there.There is also a pic of me ,yes I am  the big happy lady there, that is me! I hope  there are some Marie Antoinette fans out there that might like my painting of her,she's not for sale I did think she made the spot kinda fun. What do you think? Thanks for looking,Rhonda