Friday, January 29, 2010


This is a chalkware statue. Isn't it pretty? I purchased it on eBay. It has been repaired. It was broken in half and the person who sold it repaired it. Aren't you glad she didn't throw it away? She painted the veil a glossy black which was just too dark for me, I thought that this pink fabric looked so pretty on it. The top head piece is one that my daughter Katie made. The open roses on the head piece are made out of paper and we dyed stamens for the centers. I thought That Mary looked so pretty in this. The roses around the statue are my own handmade paper roses. They are german-glass-glittered and in real life they sparkle so much. I left this display on my mantle because it is so frosty and snowy looking. I think I will leave it up until Easter. You can find more of my paper roses in my eBay Store Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs and also on my website.

I was married young,I remember tough times.We were short on money.Even though  we think these are hard times , the market place now is so different than 20 years ago.I can say though even if there would have been e Bay  and  online selling we could have never been able to purchase a PC.Where I live summers are sweet ,winters are hard for many.I remember my prayer,''' God give me oppertunity."" I was open,I was willing. I almost instantly got a call it was an order for alot of baskets decorated with my clay roses.The money from the 25 baskets helped. I always  have remembered that simple prayer and how God gave me  work. It started me on my venture of making & selling.In these tough times I've had a few years of  good sales and NO sales but oppertunity is there and best of all God is there. It would be easy to say forget it .I force myself most days to get a small quota of items finished each day. If you are creative fly now & even if you store it for now store it. I encourage you to keep creating! The day will come. Oh ,I do have stories folks! Do not give up.Do not forget to pray! Keep working ,keep praying & keep thanking God for  his blessings!

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  1. Your thankful attitude is precious and I am sure has much to do with your success. I wish you abundance continued success.

    xox Rella