Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to my BLOG

Dear Friends,
 Welcome to my rose cottage blog. My name is Rhonda. I'm 45 years old. I am married to my best friend and have the wonderful oppertunity of a lifetime spent with my favorite people and friends of all-time. (my family sweet family). !           I love my life! I am thankful to God for each day I have! A perfect life is one lived and enjoyed for the moments in it. The joy given or received by others or ones self. A good life is finding the beauty in it and taking the time to celebrate it. My rose cottage blog will be about me, my roses and our home sweet home. This blog will be filled with pictures of what I consider lovely. I hope it to be a peaceful place to visit. If you were at my home, I'd seat you in a comfy chair, fill you with baked goods, and coffee, so much you could stay for hours and hours as I gabbed and gabbed about my God, my Family, my Roses and my WORK! I'd show you all I've been working on and I'd sneak in the kids' work, my favorite old pieces and all their stories. So ... Welcome to the wonderful world of Rhonda! I hope you enjoy my little world and my long stories! :-). I hope this blog will make you smile, inspire you to take joy in what you have and show you the deepest part of my heart which is not just roses and cottage finery but my innermost joys. The joy of the Lord ,he is the source of all to me.He has blessed me so ! You may enter this blog as a stranger but may you leave as a friend.I hope to meet many kindred friends.Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will check out my blog frequently. Most Sincerely,Rhonda

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  1. Oh my...I think I would like to visit right now.

    xox Rella