Saturday, August 27, 2011

The inside pictures of my Rose Shack out at Shady Hollow Flea Market 5 miles South on Hwy. 59 out of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota .

Hello Friends !  Wow, is this really me  posting 2 days in a row ? Amazing yet true.I am the most pitiful blogger. I need help every step of the way on this venture. Me an machines do not work well together! Well anyway , here are the pictures of the inside of my little Rose Shack out at Shady Hollow ! What do you think of  the rustic charm. I girled it up real good ! What do you think ? Some of my favorites  are the chandelier window my tickets window  looks like I took it from the circus wagon,I love my Marie cake table. I made a fake hat box cake & a paper scrap cake .I sold the post card sign! I love this little shack! It has been fun to sell in the public again! I have loved the fact that pretty has not gone out of style! I have had so many come in and say this is so pretty ! It has made my day.I'll pack my memories  & ponder them often. It's been fun to be back at Shady Hollow again! Oh one more thing if your ever out at the market stop in the big yellow shoppe it is Lucy's . I bought the white umbrella hanging from my ceiling right out of her hand as she shopped! She has great things too! Bye  for now, Rhonda

Friday, August 26, 2011

My little Rose Shack out at Shady Hollow Flea Market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Friends ! I have wanted to post pics of my new little selling place for sometime now but the camera took the first pics in pink & black. My son said it must have only opened the shutter half way. Then we needed a new camera card reader. I have such a small degree of patience when it comes to computers cameras, machines of any sort. I only have time for them if they work.If not for the family of mine who do have patience for them  ,OK I'm off my post   . So      here are some outside pictures of my little Rose Shack out at Shady Hollow Flea Market. Isn't  it cute ? I even have a porch out back . I have exposure  to buyers on both ends . I am right across from my old building I had for a decade. I'm neighbors to it! The lady who sells from it is so sweet and also has the BEST stuff out there at Shady Hollow. she says I'm her best customer ! I love her items & she has a way with display & just does a GREAT job ! I'll be posting on my neighbors too!  A post is coming soon of the inside of my wee shack!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Signs Paper Rose Clips Fake Cakes and Slices CHEAP CHEAP and a Sale Too !

Hello Friends, I wanted to do a quick post and some pictures of the new things that are priced really cheap over on Ebay! Free shipping as always on my Ebay store and website items. I have a 10 percent off sale on most of my Ebay store inventory ! Hope you will check it out.Sincerely, Rhonda By the way  if you go to my website on the side bar under details  is a link to click to go to my Ebay store !

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